There are so many SEO companies in Mumbai making a decision on the one to choose is not easy. One way to ease the process is to have a number of set questions that every company you are considering should answer. It is based on these answers that you will be able to choose the best.

How can you describe yourself as a company?

This is very important. You will be able to know whether the company just offers SEO services or other forms of marketing as well. If you are just looking for SEO service you can choose any but if you are looking for more you should settle for one that offers more than just SEO services.

The people working with the company should be SEO Experts in Mumbai and experienced in the industry. This way they will be able to deliver and you can rest easy as you leave the task to them.

Who are some of your previous clients and what do they have to say?

If the SEO company is confident in what they do they will not have a problem disclosing this information. In fact they should be proud to show how successful they are. If you do not get a straight answer to this question look elsewhere as the company will not give you the best. A company that has handled the SEO of a business in the same industry as yours is even better. Hearing the answer from the company however is not enough. Get in touch with the clients and ask how their experience was and if they got any success.

What SEO tactics do you use?

White hat SEO does take a relatively longer time to implement but it delivers long-term success. This is the ideal way to go. Black hat SEO should not be an option as it will give fast results but the glory will only last for a while. Does the company apply local SEO so clients can find you at your physical address in Mumbai? This is very important if you have a physical store. The company should combine many different tactics for both on-page and off-page SEO to better your ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs).

How soon can you put my website ahead of competitors in SERPs?

A good SEO company in Mumbai should be able to give you an estimate of how fast they will be able to optimize your page. Though you cannot expect it to happen overnight, it should not take too long. After all your competition is not sleeping and will also be eyeing the same position you are.

Can you guarantee excellent results?

If the SEO company like knows what it is doing and is confident in their work they should be able to guarantee results. They may not be able to guarantee number one position ranking in search engine results but they should at least guarantee some improvement.

Are there any analytical reports I can expect?

This is very important as it will show you how well the company is doing its job. There should be reports provided often so you can confirm that this strategy is not a waste of money.